Do clichés have – meaning?

push yourself

Clichés are sayings that suffer overuse and then lose meaning to the listener.  You may encounter them if you play sports, train for something, are being coached, pursuing a personal, career, or other goal.  People cannot resist a handy cliché.  Such as the oft used, “push yourself”.


The nucleus of push yourself is the idea that motivation is the impetus, and there is never a shortage of clichés when the situation arises.  Such as, “I had to push myself to win this race, our team pushed hard to win, my opponent really pushed me”.  If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times (old one), you’ve got to push yourself.  Therein however lies the conundrum with clichés.  By their very nature, clichés are sayings that are overused to the point of becoming stale, and subsequently, meaningless.


But not this one.  No, push yourself in its underlying message means that there is an intrinsic motivation to keep going, to persevere, to achieve.  To win.  Pushing yourself is overcoming a barrier, is not giving up, and is necessary to success.  Everyone has ups and downs.  The ups are easy, the downs require pushing through, or facing inevitable deterioration.


Why push yourself?  Top five reasons:

  • The trigger event in a person’s usage of this cliché usually stems from that gratification of winning and most often manifested in an interview after the championship moment.  We have the power to be blissful and feel good about ourselves.
  • The result of pushing yourself produces wins which in turn beget confidence.  Confidence is the prized power to overcome.
  • Self-esteem. No matter the size of the win obtained from pushing yourself, even if no one but you knows you endured to achieve a tiny goal, you feel good about yourself.  Self-esteem and elation connect with each other.
  • Pushing yourself leads to success.  Success fulfills you.  Fulfilment is the personal aspect of being.  And, of satisfaction.
  • The ultimate human desire is to be all that you can be.


Understand then, that the pushing yourself cliché is a manifestation of that motivation to get better, to reach your full potential.  The upside in motivation is tremendous and ultimately, leads to our life’s goals.  Stop procrastinating and start pushing yourself – breakthrough and move on to your next goal.  Push yourself to do the little things that lead to being the best that you can be.  Accomplish, then replicate.

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push yourself