Lincoln and his people skills

People Skill

Adhering to keeping his word and a reputation for honesty, Lincoln dealt with both friend and foe with goodwill and extreme patience. Having used his great oratory and communication skill throughout his life, Abe used communication to inspire, hearten, and lead the nation. Perhaps Abe’s greatest competency as a leader was his communication skill. Abe was determined, yet cool headed. He was deliberate, yet tolerant. He melded his aspirations in an internal locus of control taking unyielding accountability for his ideals. (Gienapp, 2002)

While the war raged and generals dallied, Abraham always exemplified patience. Lincoln took an active role in the strategy of the war and become one of the true great Commanders-in-Chief. Abe had a propensity for forbearance. Both Generals McClellan and Meade had opportunities to crush General Lee of the Confederacy and put an end to the war yet failed to do so. In spite of this, Abraham was non-judgmental. Abe deliberated at great length on issues and personalities. Lincoln sought to persuade, coach, and reason with his generals. Eventually, Lincoln was not afraid to sack non-performers who failed to get on board with the aims of the nation. Abe selected a performer, General Grant, to lead the army. General Grant and Abe concluded strategy to win the war. Abraham successfully implemented a learning culture, especially with Cabinet members in his administration, and empowered vision. (Gienapp, 2002)



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